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Bricks is a charity with the mission to support local, creative and social enterprise communities thrive in Bristol.

We believe in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can have a strong collective voice for inclusive growth in the city.

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Featured Artists

  • Yuko Edwards

    Yuko Edwards is a Bristol-based visual artist who works primarily in the media of video and photography. Her work is research-led and addresses concepts of self and social identity. She situates her subjects in a historical context to explore social, political, and economic realities. Archival material, including family photographs, are often used as a starting point in the work as a way to retell stories and interrogate existing social structures. She is interested in how one’s identity is shaped by time and place.

  • Finn Dovey

    Finn Dovey is a Bristol based artist and writer, attempting to unpick the postindustrial landscape through ethnographic research, digital archaeology and 3D localities.

  • Hannah Murgatroyd

    Hannah Murgatroyd’s paintings and drawings can be seen as an island space of the imagination, as permeable slippages of past, present, future held in one image. Embracing the relationship between fiction, artifice and an idea of the real, conversely, the physicality of the human body and the emotional resonance of gesture are ever-present currents.

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Bricks has ambitious plans for a step change in Bristol’s arts ecology, creative and community infrastructure.

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Our Projects

  • Bricks Artist Programme

    Artist Development

    Bricks Artist Programme is a new initiative to support visual artists in and around Bristol. We’re doing this by creating a network of peer-to-peer mentoring and learning, skill sharing and critical thinking. Generosity and care is at the heart of our programme; we’re building a community of support for…

  • St Annes

    Community Led Creative, Cultural Infrastructure

    Bricks are working with the St Anne’s community to identify activities, groups and a building which they would like to see reach full, creative potential for use by the community.

  • Moxy, St Pauls

    Public Art

    Bricks has been commissioned to write and deliver a public art programme for the new Moxy Hotel development in St Pauls, Bristol.